Great Expectations


how can we after we read Great Expectation criticies this novel in a critic way ?

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When writing a critical analysis you must have read the novel in its entirety, as the purpose of a critical analysis is to carefully examine the literature in order to give yourself a better understanding. After you've completed the novel (I assume you have), you need to make notes; identify the author's thesis; state the problems; note the solutions.

Great Expectations is clearly a novel meant to entertain the reader. What response did you have? Did it make you cry? Laugh? Were you angry or were you cheering? Did the author provide you with characters you somehow related to? Did you like the characters?

Use Pip as an example for your critique. What was Pip's problem; how did he solve his problem? Were you empathetic to his character?

Now think about the following;

How did the author organize the novel?

What is the author's style of writing?

Introduce the novel, you should never assume that your reader is familiar with your topic, and identify your thesis. What passages can you use to support your thesis that will enable you to cite personal experiences? Is there anything about Great Expectations that applies to today's world (a current event; problems of youth). What value does the novel have in today's world (problems of society)? What are the novels strengths and weaknesses?

Finally, use the outline below to complete your essay.

Paragraph I

1. Title

2. Author

3. Publication information

4. Statement of topic and purpose (Thesis statement indicating writer's main reaction to the work)

Paragraph II

1. Summary or description of the work

Paragraph III (Interpret and/or evaluate)

1. Discussion of the work's organization

2. Discussion of the work's style

3. Effectiveness

4. Discussion of the topic's treatment

5. Discussion of appeal to a particular audience

Good luck! A great example of ideas for ideas to use for your topic can be found at the website noted below;


realy im very happy at ur help thanks alot dear and i'll follow ur instraction thanks agian .