Great Expectations

Chapters 1-10 Extended Response

Review the first 10 chapter of the novel, taking notes on Pip's descriptions of Joe; Joe's treatment of Mrs.Joe, Pip, and other people he encounters; and on the moral lessons Joe tries to teach Pip. Then use your notes to write a description of Joe's Character. Be sure to address Joe's values.

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Joe is a kind, if browbeaten, blacksmith. Though he is theoretically Pip's adoptive father, Pip sees him as an equal and a friend. Joe is uneducated and perhaps a little slow but he understands the important things in life. Joe is hardworking, himble and honest. We often feel sympathetic toward his character because of the way he's treated by his wife, but his own treatment of Pip is endearing and heartwarming. Charitable and kind, Joe earns our respect for who he is as a person. This same respect is given to him by Pip because of his goodness, loyalty, and staunch support. Joe is the one person Pip doesn't want to disappoint. There is a lot of love between them.