Great Expectations

Chapter 19 Questions Please help!

What preparations does Pip make for his journey?

What does Pip argue with Biddy about, before he leaves?

Why does Pumblechook tell Pip that his fortune is “well-deserved”? Is he being sincere?

Who is Trabb?How does Mr. Trabb’s attitude toward Pip change?

How does Trabb’s boy feel about Pip?

How does Mr. Pumblechook’s attitude change? Why?

Why doesn’t Joe walk with Pip to the coach?

What does Miss Havisham say and do that makes Pip more certain that she is the source of his new wealth?

How does Pip feel about leaving home?

What is the tone of the last two pages in the chapter?

How many of Pip’s earlier expectations have been realized?How have Pip’s expectations changed? What does he expect now?

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Pip buys new clothing for his journey, and he asks Biddy to tutor Joe, so he will be socially acceptable once Pip comes into his fortune.

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Great Expectations