Great Expectations


in great expectation can we assume this novel as a multi-genres status?and how the Gothic elements associated with miss ,havisham?and magwithc ?ist a dult -or child narrator we have to know that who tell us this novel ?

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Sure, you can say this novel spans several genres. It is more than a coming-of-age tale; it also an adventure story, a social critique, and occasionally quite broad in its comedy. And it has elements of the Gothic, a genre that uses heightened atmosphere for enjoyable effect. Miss Havisham fits this in her dark house overrun by must and spiderwebs, with her old fading wedding dress and her extreme perverse behavior. Likewise, Magwich, who runs for freedom through the misty marsh, all speak to Gothic. Not sure what the last question is exactly, but I think you're asking if the narrator is a child or adult - at the time he tells his tale, Pip is an adult.

first thank u at this help ,i do read what u said but am have to be sure it's right and want to share with someone else my idias if that is true 'and for the last question yes i mean pip from the bigining if he narrated this novel or if we have to consider that we know all about pip through his prespictive when he was a child he tell us his story live when he became adult ?i think that when he become adult he told us his story cuz at the begining he was achild and sure as achild he canot descripe his life as the adult do ,can he ?

Glad the answer helps ... not entirely sure what you're asking, to be honest in your reply, because of the grammar. Do you mean to just verify that Pip is an adult when he tells the story? If so, then yes, that's correct. The whole novel is narrated by a man looking back at his life. He certainly takes on a child's perspective when he's young in order to better tell his story but he has already gone through it all. Think of when he sees Estella on his first visit - he says something like "and she was walking away from me even then." It shows that the novel is a recollection of Pip's, not a present tense narration.

yes i mean that who narrated is the adult pip ,thanks at ur help .