Great Expectations

At the end of the novel does Estella's change seem real?

In the novel Great Expectations

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Which ending are you referring to? 

Summary: In Charles Dickens's "Great Expectations," Estella has undergone many changes by the end of the novel. Her physical beauty has faded, but she has matured emotionally.
At the end of the novel, Estella changes in a huge way. When Pip sees Estella, she has changed in two aspects, physically and mentally. She has changed physically meaning she has lost her once youthful beauty. She changed mentally meaning she now looked at Pip as a friend and is no longer prideful and insulting. This change does seem real, because when Estella sees Satis house for the first time in many years, she realizes all that she had and what she could have had. She realizes what she gave up, and this regret leads to this change in attitude. Estella now sees the love that Pip had for her and she sees that she wasted so many years being pompous and snobby. When she finally realizes this, Estella asks Pip to forgive her and asks if they can be friends. Pip replies with, "We are friends."