Great Expectations

After lying about the Satis House, how have Pip's expectations changed? and what does he expect now?

I think it might be his expectations after Joe gives him advice, but not 100% sure.

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Can you give me a more detailed idea about what you're looking for here. Chapter?

After pip leaves the Satis House he is ashamed. Then he makes up the lie about what happened and a little later he tells Joe the truth. I believe its his expectations about the Satis House maybe, but it could be about Joe's advice. It's the end of chapter 9 page 88 and 89.

have his expectations changed from wanting to be apprenticed by Joe to wanting to be a gentlemen? if so does he expect for social advancement,better education from biddy, and romantic success with Estella??

Yes....... apprenticing with Joe was a formal concession to never getting what he wanted, and then came the money and opportunity. But you have to remember that Pip's initial desire is to be worthy of Estella; everything he does is to make himself worthy of her. He's always known he has no chance with her without social position, money, education, and manners; what he doesn't know is that even gaining these things..... he has no chance. Pip wants to be a gentleman, and as such he "expects" to gain everything else he desires.