Gran Torino

gran torino

What are the consequences due to the change? What is the impact on self (the character of Walt Kowalski) and others?

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I think change affects all the characters. Unfortunately it is violence that drives this change. After Thao is abused by Spider's gang (they beat him up on his way to work), Walt viciously attacks one of the gang members, injuring him tremendously.

Because the gang shoots up Thao's house, Thao plots violent revenge against the gang. Although he doesn't end up doing this, this action results in the gang's imprisonment for murder.

After the gang shoots and kills an unarmed Walt, they are promptly sent to prison for murder - the sentence for which will likely span most, if not all, of their lives. I'm not convinced Walt is a dynamic character. Despite his outward racism he wa an empathetic man inside: this never changed.