Gathering Blue

what does the blue thread symbolize?

At the end of the story Kiras father comes back wearing a blue shirt. Kira has needed blue thread for a while. So what does the blue thread symbolize?

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Nobody is able to make blue in the dystopian society. The blue represents hope that, at times, seems completely lost. It represents a sense of Kira's purity as she has the gift to gather the plants that make it. She resists this society and its demands on her.

But she didnt make the blue her father brought her a shirt that was full of blue thread.

The blue thread symbolizes the themes of reaching beyond, think the sky and ultimately freedom.


The following excerpt comes from an interview with Lois Lowry;

Q. Compare this future society you have created with our present-day society. Do you see any similarities or differences?

A.Self-interest is, sadly, part of our lives today. Political leaders put their own goals ahead of the good of the people. Wealth amassed by a few, while the masses live in poverty . . . you can see that in many places. Subjugation of women, and brutality toward the weak: think of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Yet always there are those . . . like Kira . . . who emerge as potential leaders, with a gift for peace and a spirit of benevolence. Those are the people we must watch for and nurture and support. The blue that she holds in her hands at the end of the book is simply a symbol. The blue to be gathered can take many different forms in today’s world.