Gathering Blue

how does Kira descibe her father?

she has never met her father

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Christopher, Kira's father died before she was born; he was allegedly killed by "beasts," and he was also the Seer (messenger) in the second installment of the series.

"Christopher's appearance and announcement toward the end of the book was quite unexpected, to say the least. But he helped - a lot. He gave Kira hope, that a) she wasn't an orphan anymore and b) there was another world out there whese she wouldn't be cursed and demeaned for her imperfection. His role in the story was to do exactly that: provide Kira with choices, to let her make the first choice ever, especially one that concerned her. However, he may have been a little disheartened that she didn't want to go."

He is described as;







Christopher: Kira’s dad, who was killed in The Forest by the beasts while going on a hunting trip. Thomas claims to have seen it happen himself. But, people don’t know that he was still alive when he was taken to The Fields, and he survived but lost his eyesight. He lives in the village nearby Kira.