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In paragraph 7, Dumas tells us that her "mother's dream had to be buried as well." Why do you think the author choose to use this figure of speech to describe the event?

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The problem was that my mother, like most women of her generation, had been only briefly educated. In her era, a girl’s
sole purpose in life was to find a husband. Having an education ranked far below more desirable attributes such as the ability to serve tea or prepare baklava. Before her marriage, my mother, Nazireh, had dreamed of becoming a midwife. Her father, a fairly progressive man, had even refused the two earlier suitors who had come for her so that his daughter could pursue her dream. My mother planned to obtain her diploma, then go to Tabriz to learn midwifery from a teacher whom my grandfather knew. Sadly, the teacher died unexpectedly, and my mother’s dreams had to be buried as well.

The death of the woman who was supposed to train her mother, in essence, became the death of her mother's dream.


Funny in Farsi