Friday Night Lights

What was life like for a football player at Carter High School?

Friday Night Lights

Chapter 15

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This section focuses on the players of Carter High School in Dallas, Permian’s next opponent - specifically Gary Edwards and Derric Evans. Gary calls the life they experience in high school a paradise. There are no rules for football players. They don’t have to stay in class, he often receives the answer sheets for tests, or they don’t have to take a test at all. There also is no homework and along with his friend and teammate, Derric Evans, he has even left class to have sex with a sophomore girl. If this lack of rules isn’t enough to keep them playing football, the unusual grading policy will. It is called the School Improvement Plan and under it, equal weight is given to class participation, homework, weekly tests, and final exams. Since class participation is so difficult to quantify strictly, it is possible to fail every weekly test as well as the final exam and still pass. Of course, many teachers believe that this is just a sneaky way to keep all the football players eligible, but it is passed by the school board and promptly implemented. Then, something unforeseen happens and by the time it is over, everyone knows the name Gary Edwards and the issue of his algebra grade.