Friday Night Lights

What does the title of this chapter mean?

Friday Night Lights

Chapter 6

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This chapter is about the ambivalence of Ivory, or the conflicting emotions of Ivory Christian.

This chapter explores the character of Ivory Christian. He is quite ambivalent about football. It is the game he loves to hate. Most of the time he fights to rid it from his life, because, even though he likes the game itself, he finds the practices, meetings, etc. pointless. He doesn’t even see the potential his coaches see of a career in college football and doesn’t even plan to take the ACT or the SAT entrance exams. He is angry when the position of middle linebacker is wrested from him on the basis that he isn’t “rah-rah” enough. That‘s a foreign idea to Ivory who had grown up with the tradition of life on the Southside, not in the tradition of Mojo. Later, he has a dream which makes him think he is prioritizing all the wrong things, including football. Instead, he is more willing to develop his instinctive gift for preaching. This allows him to let go of the anguish he feels over his ambivalence for football. Nonetheless, he keeps playing and exorcises his demons before each game by throwing up over and over.