Friday Night Lights

What does part II of this chapter describe?

Friday Night Lights

Chapter 11

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There were many stories about Odessa during the years 1973 through 1981. There was Jerry Thorpe who went to Vegas to watch the Holmes-Cooney fight and being given a $10,000 watch in appreciation for his sermons at the Temple Baptist Church. There was Ron Wells who started his oil business with $10,000 and suddenly found himself with cash flows of hundreds of thousands of dollars. There were stories of welders who were making $80,000-90,000 a year and regularly carried $8,000 in cash in their wallets. There were stories of big, burly men coming into town in Rolls Royces to sell as many Rolex watches as they could. There were stories of competition in the oil fields turning into Mafia turf wars. There were stories of the usual hair-raising statistics like bank deposits going up 294 percent and retail sales climbing 276 percent. These were all nice stories, but they were nothing compared to the visions of greed and delusions of grandeur perfected in the town of Midland.