Friday Night Lights

What does Don think of school? What do teachers think of school?

Friday Night Lights

Chapter 7

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For Don Billingsley, however, Friday isn’t about school. He doesn’t do much on Fridays. It is just a couple of classes to fill up the time until the game begins. All he does is show up and complain that the classes should only be 15 minutes long since nothing during his senior year seems to actually be taught. The teachers are burned out by lack of interest in learning and lack of rudimentary knowledge. The SAT scores have dropped since the seventies and there is only one National Merit Scholar unlike seven in the seventies.Some blame the poor academic showing on desegregation and a rapid increase in the Hispanic population. Others blame it on the economic depression, the break-down of the family unit, parents who seem less than interested in pushing their kids, recent educational reforms, or some teachers even blame it on themselves. They all acknowledge that the kids won’t take responsibility for their own learning or don’t know how.