Friday Night Lights

in friday night lights what is the ending?

Needs to be very descriptive

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The ending describes Permian's final game with Carter at the state championships. Permian’s final desperate play of the game, Brown turns toward Winchell, signaling he’s open, Winchell throws the ball but the pass fails. The Permian Panthers lose to the Carter Cowboys by a score of 14-9.

Back in the locker room the boys are bruised, beat up and stunned. Some sob openly. Coach Gaines reminds his players of how proud he is of them but there is finality to his statement. For most of these boys, their glory days have just abruptly ended. Players like Mike Winchell will exit the football locker room for one last time. These boys will once again enter the land of mortals and Permian will begin building new heroes once again.