Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights (Book-Chapter 8)

trappers job is the ensure the player's health and well being on the field. Based on this exchange, is he good at his jobs?

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In Chapter Eight, Trapper, the team’s trainer, calls Don a ‘pussy’. This slur on his manhood or boyhood is enough to make Don go out and complete the second half. There are many times when the narrative resembles the experience of college or professional teams. Remembering that these are mere boys playing football for their high school becomes a surreal experience. The coaches and trainers use hyper-masculine stereotypes to bully these boys into sacrificing their bodies for a cause that is largely meaningless to their futures.

Thus, Trapper may be good at his job, which is to motivate and get the boys to play...... but his actions aren't aren't always embraced or approved of..... do you think this type of motivation makes someone good at their job? Or would a different tactic be more appropriate?