why does victor climb montavent in spite of the rain? how does that idenfity this as a romantic novel?

chapter 9-10

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Victor determines to climb to the top of Montanvert, one of the region's forbiddingly massive glaciers. The sight of the mountain fills him with a "sublime ecstasy"; he believes that human contemplation of natural wonders "gives wings to the soul and allows it to soar from the obscure world to light and joy." He is filled with melancholy as he ascends the mountain, however, and, amid rain and rockslides, meditates on the impermanence of all human dreams and attachments. When he has reached the summit, Victor invokes all the "wandering spirits" of the dead, and asks them to either permit him to be happy or carry him to his grave.


Victor feels that he is running away from the creature, he feels that he is running away from his sins. THe romantic elements has to do with his wildly emotional sense of guilt combined with the "safety" of the mountains. THere are the fantastic elements of nature that serve as a backdrop to victors sense of guilt and perceived salvation.