What's the idea being developed in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley about Victor's ambition?

I'm writing an essay for L.A at school need the answer. If you can, please write down some examples to illustrate the answer. THANK YOU!!!

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Victor's ambition begins with his initial desire to attain not just knowledge...... but dangerous knowledge. It is often said that the real "monster" wasn't Victor's creation, but rather, Frankenstein himself. Victor's ambition is never anything but questionable. He studies in secret, researches in secret, and isolates himself from humanity....... even from friends and family. It isn't hard to surmise that he acts in secret because he is well aware that his individual ambition would not be embraced. After the monster comes to life, Victor abhors him...... deserts him and leaves the monster to his own devices. He never shares what he has done, even when those around him die for his actions..... his ambition and pride will not allow him to take ownership.