what task does victor begin? Describe victors feelings as he goes about his task.


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Victor begins the task of creating his creature. Victor's attitude towards the pursuit of knowledge is inexorable; he is blinded by his obsession to succeed and his fear of failure to some extent. In my opinion, Victor is also driven by his inclination to create life and his desires to exceed the boundaries established by man and, surpass the expectations of his professors and peers. Although once engaged in his pursuits Victor was entranced, he had a long ethical hesitation, on how morally correct of him to create his `greatest work'. In the passage, when Mary Shelley uses the word cowardice, it can be interpreted as a means of mocking people who do not pursue all knowledge, and suggests that all knowledge should be pursued. In my opinion knowledge should only pursued if it does not offend a group of people and if it is of some profit to mankind. Even Victor realizes the propensity of the task which he is about carry out, and he also realizes the criticism and persecution he could receive if found out, and this is reflected in the text, by the secretive nature in which he conducts his experiments.


Victor begins the task of creating a human body; he is excited and curious to see what the outcome will be.