What is the importance of Victor Frankenstein's character change?

I know that the major character, Victor Frankenstein changes throughout the novel, like at the beginning, he is this calm, innocent guy who enjoys science, but towards the ending of the novel, he turns into someone who is evil, who wants to destroy his creation. Why is his personality change important to the novel?

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Victor’s character is complicated. He grows from a young, innocent, hopeful boy into a jaded, vindictive, vengeful man....By the end of the story something curious happens. One could to say that Victor becomes a self-sacrificing hero, maybe even a Christ figure. What’s the rationale? He chooses to give his own life to save mankind from what he believes to be evil in the world. If said evil isn’t actually evil so much as loveably ugly, then he’s a misguided Christ figure. However, at the same time, he is a most wretched villain, bringing pain to the thing most dear in his life – the product of his own creativity.