What is the impact of the last sentencse in chapter3?

What is the impact of the last sentence in chapter3?

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In the last sentences of Chapter Three, Victor notes that a specific day “decided my (his) future destiny.”

That this rhetoric inflames Victor is telling: what seduces him back to the world of natural philosophy is the hope of becoming a god, free of earthly law and limitations. He has become mad with the desire for not only discovery, but omnipotence (the state of being all-powerful) and omniscient (the state of being all-knowing) as well. Victor tells us that Waldman's words were the "words of fate"; it was at this moment that his destiny was decided. Here, again, Victor absolves himself of guilt and locates the source of his ruin squarely outside himself, outside the purview of his own will: the fault lies not with him, but with fate, or destiny.