tragic heros abound in this novel, who is one of them, and how is he or she a tragic hero?


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A tragic hero in the traditional sense is a person who begins in a high level in society but then falls to a low level because of some great flaw in his character.

Victor Frankenstein does fit into this mold, so to speak. His family is wealthy and occupies a high level in Geneva. His parents are philanthropists and can afford to send Victor to the prestigious Ingoldstat University.

However, Victor's obsessive need to discover the force of life and to actually create life transcends the normal curiosity of a student. He is absorbed in this project to the point that he ignores his family and his studies.

Ultimately, the creature that Victor creates repulses him. It is this very creature who kills his brother, his wife, his friend, and, in a roundabout way, his father. Finally, Victor dies while pursuing the creature. Tragedies generally end with bodies littering the stage, and this novel is no exception.

Finally, the subtitle, The Modern Prometheus, refers to a tragic figure from mythology who makes the mistake of displeasing the gods and giving fire to man. As a result, he is chained to a cliff and repeatedly tortured.