This novel is NOT scary

I know that Mary Shelley intended this to be a scary story, but it does not scare me.

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i donot know! but you such facts provided at the beginning?meaning why that modern novel written.if you know,then thank you.

You have to recall that Mary Shelley was a teenage newlywed, living with Percy Shelley as Lord Byron's houseguest in his villa in the Italian Alps (not far from the locale of her story).

It certainly isn't a horror story in the modern sense--I think it provokes more of an intellectual horror (at the thought that ethics might be breached like this, or that such a miserable existence might be so carelessly brought about, etc.) than the cheap thrills of Stephen King's novels.

I wouldn't be too worried about not finding this book scary--it means you can better concentrate on it's subtler themes! =)