The Creature's Identity

Would you say that the creature is a monster from birth; since its inception the creature was feared by any human being. Would you say that the creature became monstruos as a result of all unacceptance showed by human beings. Or, would you say that the creatures initial noble intentions were changed by society, but even at the end, after all his crimes, he still feels bad for Victor. What makes him a monster?

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I would say the creature was made into a monster. Victor created him, and then immediately abandoned him. He had no teacher, no human love, and no one to care for him. Had he gained acceptance by anyone in society..... even a single soul, he may have had a chance. I've always felt immense sympathy for the creature...... he was isolated and alone; he caused fear, and that same fear made him afraid. He became angry..... he felt wronged...... and he was. Notably, in the end, the creature was more empathetic that the creator.