The creature is not made from human corpses?

Every online study guide and even wikipedia claims that the creature was constructed from bits of corpses. Where does it say that in the book? Sure victor studied the anatomy of dead bodies but Shelley never says that he stitched them together to make the monster. She doesn't tell us how the creature is conceived period. What's with the misinformation?

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Victor tells us that he raided charnel houses and graveyards to get the parts for the creature.

What else would the creature be made out of?

When Victor is asked to make a mate for the creature, he again collects human body parts.

One thing I cannot figure out is how he keeps the body parts fresh while he is building. But I guess it's just a gothic novel, so unrealistic elements abound and we're supposed to focus on the message of the story instead of the details and whether they all make sense together.