How does the creature feel about the Sorrows of Werter? In what ways is he different from the characters in the book?

in the beginning of chapter 15.

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The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe is one of three books the monster finds. He teaches himself to read from it, Milton's Paradise Lost, and a history book I forget the name of. The story is a classic of German literature and describes a summer spent in the country by Werther where he falls in love with a woman already betrothed to another and eventually blows his brains out. Through it the monster confronts the idea of suicide and weighs the options of living or ending his own life.


The Sorrows of Werther, this book is basically about a man who had deep feelings for a woman but were never returned. She marries another wealthy man and Werther, unable to see his lover marrying another man, takes his own life. The monster feels an unrequited love from the villagers and even mankind. He weeps as Werter dies in the book. There aren't any other characters that the monster can identify with in his life, only this fictional character that seems to share his pain.