How does Frankenstein's actions during the creation phase, demonstrate his hubris?

What is his reaction when he is creating this creature and what is his hubris

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Victor discovers the secret of how to generate life through a sudden epiphany. He does not, however, share the content of this revelation.

Even immediately following his epiphany, Victor hesitates before using his newfound skill, as he must first fashion a body. He determines to make one of gigantic proportions, so as to make his work somewhat easier. Victor eagerly anticipates the day when "a new species would bless [him] as its creator and source, [and] many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to [him]." He is drunk with the magnitude of his own power, and reflects, "No father could claim the gratitude of his child so completely as [Frankenstein] should deserve [that of his creations]."

His midnight labors occur while Victor is in a trance-like state, and he pillages graveyards and tortures living creatures in the name of his unholy labors. His work completely possesses his soul, and the seasons pass without his taking note of them.

Though Victor briefly worries about his father, who has been anxiously awaiting a letter from his son for over a year, he deludes himself into believing that the elder Frankenstein would understand and approve of his endeavors. In retrospect, he realizes that the pursuit of knowledge should be serene: when it is overly passionate, it takes on the character of an obsession. Simple pleasures are thereby destroyed; study itself becomes a thing "not befitting the human mind."