How do you think Victor Frankenstein feels about creating the second monster? How do you think the first monster he created feels?


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The first monster is terribly lonely and isolated. People have attacked him and run in fear. The Monster's only chance at companionship is to make Victor create another creature. Victor is horrified. Victor is still trying to rid himself and the world of his first creature. Victor shudders at making a female version of the creature that could possibly have children.

Victor is horrified because he doesn't want to make the second monster. But the first monster says to Victor if you don't make another monster I will make your life even more miserable. You have to make me another mate. So Victor rows out to sea, with his labratory equipment, and the body parts of the second monster, and builds it. Victor then realizes that the first monster was following him! The monster soon realizes that Victor has destroyed the second monster in fear, and as I said before, the first monster threatens to make Victor's life more miserable than it really is.


Frankenstein (From my own knowledge)