how are the creature's early days different form victor's early days?

chapters 11-12

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While Victor experiences a seemingly ideal, but in truth, overindulgent childhood, the creature is faced with constant rejection from the moment he is given life despite his inborn warmth and compassion. From the beginning of eachs existence, the two grow up under completely different influences. Victors parents respond to his birth as a gift from heaven, whereas from the moment the creature draws breath, Victor, his father, abhors him. Indicating that as a child he never experienced unhappiness to any degree, Victor explains that his earliest memories are his mothers tender caresses and his fathers smile of benevolent pleasure while regarding [him] (). When the creature is born, however, the first thing that happens to him is that his creator irrationally abandons the new being in his state of innocence because he is unable to endure the aspect of the being [he] had created (56). While Victors parents view him as their plaything and their idol...bestowed on them by Heaven (), Victor, denying his creature all of the love that he himself was fortunate enough to have.