Frankenstein's brother Ernest

When reading the novel I noticed that Victor has a younger brother called Ernest. He seems to be the sole survivor of the Frankenstein family. But there is little said about him. Does anyone have an idea what happend to him? I prosume he went into to military.. But there is no record of something like that. Please help!! It is for a school assignment and I'm desperate

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He serves only as a contrast to Victor: He follows a "normal" course and doesn't abandon everyone he loves in the process.

Is that all there is to?

I was thinking he might be a symbol for Switzerland because he stays neutral.

Neutral to what?

You are right--he does just sort of disappear. I find it significant that after all the tragedy, Victor does not turn to Earnest for support. He leaves the one remaining family member to go off and seek his creature--not to rebuild any relationships but to destroy them all.