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In Frankenstein,victor Involves Himself in a Series of Experiments That Have Horrendous Consequences.To What Extent Do You Think That Scientific Progress Can Be More Harmful Than Beneficial?discuss

How does the concept of tolerance apply to Frankenstein? Where do we see it, where do we not see it? What are some relevant quotes?
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I can answer #2 for you but you really should submit your questions separately.

Tolerance is a theme shown throuhgout the novel. One epic example (one that has the reader asking the pointed question: who is the true monster?) is when the Monster is hiding and meets the blind man. The conversation between them, the kindness and tolerance shown to the creature quite literally shows how mankind needs to be blind to the outward features and appearance of a person. Because the blind man cannot see the Monster, he cannot make a judgement about him and therefore is able to accept him on equal terms. It allows the Monster to show compassion and understanding in a way that others have not allowed him the decency to experience or show.


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley