Frankenstein Crossword Help!

1. Where Victor's family lived. (6 letters)

2. Victor's murdered brother. (7 letters)

3. Victor became interested in Galvanism after seeing lightning strike this. (3 letters)

4. Victor spent a lot of time in _______ houses getting body parts. (7 letters)

5. "You are my creator, but I am your ______" (6 letters)

6. Victor was fascinated by ________ like Paracelus. (10 letters)

7. Victor often refers to the creature as the _______. (5 letters)

8. Where Victor's parents were staying when he was born. (5 letters)

9. The mothers of Elizabeth and Mary Shelley both died as a result of this. (10 letters)

10. Walton became one for a year. (4 letters)

11. Where Victor placed the torn remains of the female creature. (6 letters)

12. Where Victor went to pursue his studies. (10 letters)

13. The type of fever Victor tended to fall into. (7 letters)

14. Victor's surviving brother. (6 letters)

15. The creature was enraged when William hurled these at him. (8 letters)

16. The type of fever that probably killed Victor's mother. (7 letters)

17. This drove the creature after Felix beat him and the cottagers left. (7 letters)

18. Walton was afraid of this if he didn't head home. (6 letters)

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