explain how victor is similar to a romantic hero?

ch 23-24

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a)He is an individual of high birth with stronger-than-normal passions b) He has a deep appreciation of the rugged beauty of nature and finds both relief and inspiration in the mountains and lakes Switzerland. c) He feels deeply. When he is happy, he is intensely, extra-humanly happy. When he grieves, his is an intense, extra-human grief. D) He has an aspiration considerably beyond the scope of normal human aspiration—striving actually to be Godlike. E) He ultimately fails in this quest but dies a “sadder but wiser” man.

I personally don't feel that Victor is a romantic hero, or even really a hero of any kind. The monster has taken the things that Victor loves most, he punished him more by letting him live than he would have if he'd killed him. That would have ended it..... it wouldn't have been a punishment.

His greatest love outside of his family, best friend, and wife, was the world of science. Victor's world has now been destroyed, and his only purpose for living is to act on the hatred he feels for his creation. Victor is no longer human, or should I say he no longer feels human. The only "feelings" he possesses are the obsessive feeling of revenge that overwhelm him. He has in fact become the monster. I don't find his grief, his desire for revenge, or his unadulterated hatred of the monster heroic.

Source(s) Frankenstein