can u tell me if my essay is good and correct it plz its a story of holmes that unvestigates to know who killed william

Holmes vs. Frankenstein On the 18th of March, the Official opening of the London-Paris telephone system, a remarkable day for humanity and communication, someone came to Holmes office. He was wearing an elegant purple costume, with a long green hat. Holmes and I were making fun of his childish style, but it didn’t matter, we heard his story, flabbergasted. He said: “Hello Mr. Holmes, my name is Victor Frankenstein; I come from Geneva. I like science and alchemy. I come from a rich family. I came to tell you about the awful death of my young brother William. I loved little William, we used to spend hours walking and playing together in our childhood. After I arrived to my parents’ house I saw my brother in tears. I questioned him to know the cause of his tears, and it was at this moment that I knew that my brother, our family darling, William, William Frankenstein was dead. I later knew that he was murdered, and that this awful criminal was discovered. According to my brother, the murder was Justine, our family servant. “She is innocent my Elizabeth but let your spirits be cheered by the assurance of her acquittal” .The last person I thought that will do this horrendous act will be Justine, but my parents seemed to have clues, I didn’t mind to hear them, even if I already knew that she wasn’t the one. The morning on which the murder of poor William had been discovered, Justine was ill, she stayed in her bed for several days, not only that but on the night of this horrifying act, a servant found in Justine’s pocket the picture of my mother, which was the temptation of the murder. I said that they were all mistaken, but at the end I had this small feeling saying that it was no other than Justine.” After that Mr. Frankenstein left, Holmes as always asked me to say what I think, and who the murder is? “It’s obvious that it’s Justine.” I glanced, but we went to the crime scene in the somber forest in Geneva. Holmes was quiet, during the trip he was surely thinking of the crime. Once arrived in the cloudy forest, Holmes and I were observing the crime scene, I found nothing suspicious, except some claw marks on the trees and on William’s body, which were certainly of some wolves fighting or eating the victim. Mr. Homes seemed to find more clues than me; he then asked to see the clues that are against Justine. Victor glanced at him, and gave him the photograph of his mother, then took him to see Justine. Holmes examined this old portrait of Williams’s mom, and then started talking to Justine. “Hello Mr. Holmes, I am Justine the family servant, I am the criminal, I killed William, condemn me, take me to jail.” yelped Justine. Holmes and I went to our room after this hard day, Victor proposed coming with us. He started talking about science and alchemy; he made many hand moves, talks and moves his hand to make himself understood by us. We asked him about his experiments and discoveries, but he had no answer, and tried to avoid our questions. Once arrived at our room, Holmes and I started to recap what we saw. “I saw so many things, but nothing was important, except one thing, I remarked that there was some claw marks on victors body, but this crime is solved Justine said that she was the criminal, she is disloyal !! ” I said with rage. “Everything important; you might have missed the important clues. For me I found so many data, but with no answers.” Later on this night, Holmes and I went out to discover this magnificent city, while discovering this city, we saw a man with a face that only a mother could love. He had a tired and worn green t-shirt, with some holes in it. He was walking, in the beautiful and colorful streets, greeting everyone, but no one replied, they were all scared of his horrid, and crimped figure. On the following day we went back to the luxurious house of the Frankenstein family. Once arrived, I started talking to Justine. I started examining her, because the Frankenstein’s said that she pretending to be sick, but after long hours of observing her body and making a medical test, I found that Justine has typhoid. We can clearly notice that she has fever, diarrhea and some red marks on her chest. Typhoid is a common illness in this time; I called the hospital to cure her before the disease becomes more serious than that. Watson was already convinced that the criminal is Justine. He was being lured. After that Watson said an interesting remark: “How does this disease spread? “ Watson impressed me with this fabulous question, but I left him alone and went to try to solve the last piece of the puzzle. Last time Watson and I were walking in the streets of Geneva, and we met a man hard to forget he had an ugly and crimped face. I had to talk to him, my feelings were telling me he is the missing peace, and yes he was. After long hours of searching him, I finally found that tall poor man. I started talking to him. “Hello, sir, nice to meet you, what’s your name? “He said. “My name is Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, what’s your name?” I replied. I don’t know sir, but everyone calls me the creature, so I guess that’s my name” he said with a sad voice. “I came here to find you, because I believe you are part of the murder of William Frankenstein.” I responded. His face started to be pale, even though it’s hard to know his expressions and feelings, just for seeing his figure. I knew every detail of the murder. I just need to tell everyone of the real killer, but how? Before going I asked “the creature” for a favor. He accepted to help me with a big smile. The creature might be ugly from the outside, but once you talk to him, you find a smart and intellectual person, that’s why physical appearance isn’t important; the content of their character defines them. On the next day, the Frankenstein family invited Watson and I to eat diner with them, I had an idea, and it was the perfect time for me to tell them the identity of the real murder. I made sure to sit beside victor .After that we finished eating, we saw a tall ugly and hairy man, coming through the window, he broke it and started screaming. I saw the fear in the eyes of the whole family, everyone was screaming, and running, except one who stood still, observing this amazing creature, this monster. When I saw them in tears and panicking I went to the monster and whispered to him: “Good job, you are a really good actor“ We then shook hands, and told him to go away, were no one will ever find him. And then my favourite moment came, the time were I can tell everyone about the real murder, and tell them the clues I found. “When I arrived to the crime scene, I saw that there were claw marks on William’s body, which might come from some wolves eating his dead body. I also found some hair and a piece of a green shirt on the dead body; I thought that it might be some wolves that killed him, but there’s no wolf that wears a green shirt nor that comes and walks beside a dead body, and finally there was no bites on Williams body. I then went to see the clues that your family found, I asked to see the photograph that was found in Justine’s pants, I remarked a small stain of blue ink, and then I went to Justine to see if she was really sick. I found that Justine has typhoid, and took her to the hospital. In that night, when I went to our house with Watson, Victor accompanied us; he started talking about his science and alchemy love, and I uttered a stain of blue ink on Victor’s hand, because he moves his hands a lot. When I was walking in the streets of Geneva, I found the creature. The creature was the missing piece of the puzzle. I noticed that he has a green shirt with a hole in it, and he was hairy, and had claws. After that I found all these details I come to an answer. The murder is the creature and victor helped him to hide his act, because victor is the creator of the monster. I knew that he was his creator, after I had an existing conversation with the beast. One day William was walking in the forest, and suddenly the monster attacks William and kills him. He left some clues behind him, and then Victor who knew the identity of the real murder, decided to hide the act of his son, by putting the picture in Justine’s pants.” Victor then was pale; he just said “I confirm what Holmes just said” The police then came and took Victor, to jail. Watson and I then went back to London, Baker Street; on our trip back to London Watson asked me why the police didn’t take the monster at the place of Victor. The monster wasn’t created evil he was thought to be evil. Everyone got scared of him. I thought that I can give him a chance, because he seemed to be a good man and an intellectual one.

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