AS eng lit

i study frankenstein at school for EngLit.

this book is so dull i try NOT to fall asleep in class.

yes, its imaginative and sympathetic(ish) for the monster and all

but to study it as an AS level course ?!!!!! ...............yuck

i have nothing against the gothic themes and the romantic eras

but this book.... is so depressed....

help me :S

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Remember, a book is like a mirror: if an ass peers into it, don't expect a prophet to peer back out.

yes its true i also try to keep myself from falling asleep as well i have not even gotten past the 1st chapter because its soo boring and i love to read all types of books this particular book is just not my cup of tea.



you obviously need to get past the first chapter of the book as, the first few chapters just setting up the story, the story really begins near the end of the first volume