Founding Brothers

Why does the author believe this group of individuals is so important?

the main individuals

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Ellis sees the founding brothers as an integral part of what became America. Their actions were unprecedented and untried. Never before had there been a successful war in any of the colonies under European rule. No other group had ever had the brainpower and organization to not only fight a revolution, but to organize and create a successful government created on republican princilples as well.

As different as these men were, they referred to themselves as a "band of brothers." They had completely different upbringings, educations, and beliefs, and yet they were able to set aside those difference to collaborate. They didn't always agree, but they did respect. This group is important because their long hours of working together, arguing amongst themselves, and participation in what could be considered heated debates resulted in documents and a belief system that have survived virtually intact for over 200 years.