Founding Brothers

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1.The different political arguments the colonists used to justify their rebellion against British authority and the question of; what bonded the revolutionary leaders together as the "founding brothers"?

2. Ellis asserts that the decade of the 1790s was “the most crucial and consequential in American history.” Explain the reasons he gave to support this statement?

3. Today, it seems clear the American Revolution was part of a global transformation of nations, governments, and economic systems that has taken place in the last 250 years. Describe the type of political and economic system that has become the “model” of national success around the globe and why many Americans believe that it is the model to be copied.


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2) History has rightfully chosen this particular time period as one of the most defining and crucial moments in American history. The political elite of the Revolutionary generation were like no other group in history. Many were born poor, and had established their reputations through sheer determination and excessive intellect. If they had been born in Europe, many of the Founding Fathers would have grown not into fame but into obscurity, since their lower station would have prevented them from much opportunity. Further, the particular individuals who composed this generation made it the the rarest collection of political talent in American history. Only because of this unique conflux of singular talents was the Republic formed.

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