Founding Brothers

Founding Brothers

1.Where does Ellis locate the origins of political parties in the U.S.? Does Ellis view political parties as a positive or negative force in American history?

2.According to Ellis, why were the Founding Brothers successful in creating a viable republic in the late 1700s? (4 reasons)

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2) "The achievement of the revolutionary generation was a collective enterprise that succeeded because of the diverse personalities and ideologies present in the mix." Their differences created "balance and equilibrium."

"Second, they all knew each other personally, meaning that they broke bread together, sat together at countless meetings, corresponded with one another about private as well as public matters."

"Third, they managed to take the most threatening and devisive issue off the political agenda. That issue, of course, was slavery, which was clearly incompatible with the principles of the American Revolution, no matter what version one championed."

Fourth, the leaders of the revolutionary generation had a keen awareness of their importance in history. They understood that their actions and decisions would be closely looked at closely..... that their accomplishments would have great historical significance. 

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Founding Brothers