Founding Brothers

According to Ellis, what was so extraordinary about George Washington?

One of the themes of Founding Brothers is that of “character”. Include not only his political accomplishments, but also his character.

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Ellis described Washington as an "incalculable asset." His leadership skills were unequaled, and his sense of direction unmarred. His actions were performed for his country, not for political gain acknowledgment-- these were some of the things that made him so special.

Washington was not prideful and not easily led, this being one of the reason his farewell address had such an impact on both Ellis and history. He offered suggestions and warnings to his successors and advised government to expand in a way that would keep the country whole; he like many others was well aware of how delicate the "country" was...... splintering would have been devastating-- the U.S. would never have survived.

Washington also made clear that the military (particularly the Navy) would need to be strengthened. If the people weren't outraged by the Whiskey Rebellion (Washington wouldn't have it- 15,000 troops sent/ rebellion squashed)...... think about the threat of outside forces. In this way, we see his persistance and follow through.

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Founding Brothers