Focus Question Apollo 13: Mission Highlights

As you reread the first three paragraphs, highlight the names of the two spacecraft in which the astronauts are working and living. Highlight, too, how the text helps readers understand the difference between the two spacecraft. What context clues in paragraph 3, including any Greek or Latin prefixes, suffixes, or roots of words, help readers understand the technical information and technical language in paragraph 2? Highlight specific textual evidence, and use the annotation tool to explain your responses.

I really need help with the bolded part. If you are not familiar with the text, click here: The the text in my book starts with the paragraph that says: The first two days the crew ran into a couple of minor surprises.. (so you know that that's the first paragraph the question talks about.)

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One ship was the Aquarius (the LM) and the other the Odyssey. Unfortunately this is only a short-answer space. You will need to research the details on your own.

What is most likely the author’s purpose in the last sentence of the first paragraph?