Flowers for Algernon

when he re-takes the ink blot or rorscach test from burt, what interesting thing occurs?

through page 42

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From the text, and I don't think I have the same page markings you do.....

"This time my responses were different. I "saw" things in the inkblots. A pair of bats tugging at each other. Two men fencing with swords. I imagined all sorts of things. But even so, I found myself not trusting Burt completely any more. I kept turning the cards around, checking the backs to see if there was anything there I was supposed to catch. I peeked, while he was making his notes. But it was all in code that looked like this: WF + A DdF-Ad orig. WF-A SF + obj The test still doesn't make sense. It seems to me that anyone could make up lies about things he didn't really see. How could they know I wasn't making fools of them by saying things I didn't really imagine?"


Flowers for Algernon