Flowers for Algernon

Relate the incident of Charly and the baby. Is it funny, or pitiful? why?

april 4

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It's pitiful and sad. If anyone could understand Charlie...... it should have been his mother.

"One time when they were in the kitchen and I was in my bed she was crying. I got up to pick her up and hold her to get quiet the way mom does. But then Mom came in yelling and took her away. And she slapped me so hard I fell on the bed.

Then she startid screaming. Dont you ever touch her again. Youll hurt her. She's a baby. You got no business touching her. I dint know it then but I

guess I know it now that she thought I was going to hurt the baby because I

was too dumb to know what I was doing. Now that makes me feel bad because I would never of hurt the baby."


Flowers for Algernon