Flowers for Algernon

list 4 different theories about what IQ tests measure.

April 16

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1) "Prof. Nemur said it was something that measured how intelligent you were-like a scale in the drugstore weighs pounds."

2) "But Dr Strauss had a big argument with him and said an IQ didn't weigh intelligence at all. He said an IQ showed how much intelligence you could get, like the numbers on the outside of a measuring cup. You still had to fill the cup up with stuff."

3) "When I asked Burt Seldon, who gives me my intelligence tests and works with Algernon, he said that some people would say both of them were wrong and according to the things he's been reading up on, the IQ measures a lot of

different things including some of the things you learned already and it really isn't a good measure of intelligence at all."


Flowers for Algernon