Flowers for Algernon

How did Nemur react to Charlie's demands?

July 12

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Nemur resented Charlie's actions (going over his head) and was resentful. None-the-less, Nemur was cordial, even if not warm and welcoming.

He had been informed of the Foundation's decision, and my reception was a cold and formal one. He held out his hand, but there was no smile on his face. "Charlie," be said, "we're all glad you're back and going to work with us. Jayson called and told me the Foundation was putting you to work on the project. This staff and the lab are at your disposal. The computer center has assured us that your work will have priority-and of course if I can help in anyway .."

He was doing his utmost to be cordial, but I could see by his face that he was skeptical.


Flowers for Algernon