Flowers for Algernon

Flowers For Algernon

As his intelligence grows what perspectives does Charlie gain about his past and present?

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In the novel, we see Charlie gain awareness and perspective that links both his past and present. He comes to understand that people have made fun of him for the fun of it..... that he was the "cruel joke" to many. He also becomes aware of the many people who've taken advantage of him, for no other reason than they knew he wouldn't understand or possibly even notice. One of Charlie's most difficult moments comes when he begins to see that even the people who were good and kind to him weren't always acting out of genuine goodness. Unfortunately, certain realizations like the ones listed didn't serve as positive lessons. Because of these things, Charlie became untrusting and suspicious of most everyone, which caused him to isolate the smart Charlie in the very same way he isolated the mentally disabled Charlie.


Flowers for Algernon