Flowers for Algernon

A big change occured: he can now understsand, interpret, and evaluate events. Relate it to what Nurse Hilda said.

April 10

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On April 13th, we learn that he is making progress. This progress would negate the things that Nurse Hilda told him he'd never be able to do.

"Anyway, now I know I'm getting a little smarter every day. I know punctuation, and I can spell good. I like to look up all the hard words in the dictionary and I remember them. And I try to write these progress reports very careful but that's hard to do. I am reading a lot now, and Miss Kinnian says I read very fast. And I even understand a lot of the things I'm reading about, and they stay in my mind. There are times when I can close my eyes and think of a page and it all comes back like a picture."


Flowers for Algernon

Nurse Hilda in what Chapter?

on april 10th

Thanks, I'll look for that right now.

Nurse Hilda frightens him by telling him that the doctors should have let him be...... that if he was meant to be smart, God would have made him that way. Their interaction takes place on March 12th.

"I tolld her it wasnt for tea in china. It was to make me smart. And she said mabey they got no rite to make me smart because if god wantid me to be smart he would have made me born that way."

I just went through April 10th again. This date has to do with the party. I don't see any correllation between the two sections.

Thank give the greatest help.