Flannery O'Connor's Stories

Good Country People

Describe Manley’s appearance, demeanor during his first meeting. Do you think he was sincere?

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From the text:

Physical Description:

He was a tall gaunt hatless youth who had called yesterday to sell them a Bible. He had appeared at the door, carrying a large black suitcase that weighted him so heavily on one side that he had to brace himself against the door facing. He seemed on the point of collapse but he said in a cheerful voice, “Good morning, Mrs. Cedars!” and set the suitcase down on the mat. He was not a bad-looking young man though he had on a bright blue suit and yellow socks that were not pulled up far enough. He had prominent face bones and a streak of sticky-looking brown hair falling across his forehead.

Maley's demeanor is charming, disarming, light, and serious. He changes gears like a chameleon changes its colors. He knows his lines, he dangles the hook, and for all intents and purposes it works. Do I think he was sincere? Not at all.... he's a salesman..... and actor if you will.


Good Country People