First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers

Please help me with this

1) Loung’s parents are questioned about what work they did before the takeover. Why do they lie and what were their real


2) In which part or scene that make you think that Loung have realised what situation is she in?

3) After Loung and her family moved out why does money doesn't worth anything now?

4) What forces Pa to go to the "waiting station"?

5) What is the Khmer Rougge purpose of killing the educated?

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As her father was a part of the military elite. Loung Ung’s family is forced from their home and her parents must lie and say they are poor working-class people. Being connected with education or the former regime would have gotten them killed by the Khmer Rouge.

You need to submit each of your questions one at a time.