Fifth Business

what we learn about paul?

part 3,chapter 9-chapter 4

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Each summer, Dunstan resumes his saint hunting in Europe. In the tiny village of Tyrol, Dunstan stumbles upon the traveling circus Le grand Cirque forain de St Vite. The circus is a rag tag affair, but Dunstan beholds a startling sight there: a magician whom he recognizes as none other than Paul Dempster. Paul is reticent to admit his identity, but eventually gives in. However, he wants nothing to do with his past, and tries to send Dunstan away.

Instead of complying, and thrilled by his discovery, Dunstan buys a round of drinks for everybody in the company. The bearded lady confides to Dunstan that Paul only works in the struggling circus out of loyalty to its owner, Le Solitaire, who had rescued Paul so many years before from the cruelty of Deptford.

Later than night, Paul asks Dunstan to keep his existence a secret from Mrs. Dempster, whom Paul still blames for having brought such shame down onto his head. Dunk and still mystified, Dunstan leaves the circus that night to find his wallet stolen. He suspects the culprit was Paul.