Fifth Business

The role of Joel Surgeoner in Fifth Business

The role of Joel Surgeoner in Fifth Business: What is the character of Joel Surgeoner's contribution to the plot?

What are the plots that the character undergoes, which shape him? How do these events bring about the miraculous transformation in Joel Surgeoner? How does such a persona of Joel Surgeoner seem real? What does the novelist do to make it so lively? How does the character of Joel Surgeoner connect to a present personality that people consider it strange, or who has led to disagreement as a result of their peculiar opinions? How does the character compare with one other piece of writing or artwork? What is some textual evidence?

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Joel is the vagrant with whom Mrs. Dempster is caught having sex in the Deptford gravel pit. He had intended to rape her but did not have to when she gave herself willingly out of pity for him. He later devotes his life to philanthropy for the poor and homeless. Dunstan considers this transformation the third of Mrs. Dempster's miracles. You, however, have too many questions here for this short answer forum.